Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Speech Modification Program – 3-Step Screening

At my recent "Say it Like You Mean it" panel event, Speech-Language Pathologist and Accent Modification Expert Marci Macaluso and I presented a speech modification program and a 3-Step Screening for your own personal audit.  Here it is below along with an option to get in touch regarding setting up an individual or group training.

Let us know how you do!

Speech Modification Program – 3-Step Screening

  1. What are the verbal tics, fillers and crutches that you want to train against?  (Please circle.)

ü  Like
ü  Ya Know
ü  Whatever
ü  Totally
ü  Literally
ü  Basically
ü  I mean
ü  I can’t
ü  Um
ü  Uhh
ü  So
ü  (Other?)

  1. Record yourself using your cell phone or video camera in conversation with a friend.  What are you noticing?

ü  Verbal tics (discourse markers, e.g. “like, ya know, whatever”)
ü  Filler words (um, uhh)
ü  Vocal fry (a.k.a. creaky voice - the low, staccato vibration during speech that arises at the end of sentences)
ü  Uptalk (upward glide that ends statements or proclamations in a question mark?)
ü  Baby talk (higher pitched voice then your usual tone)
ü  Apologizing (starting a sentence with “I’m sorry, etc.”)
ü  Speaking in text/social media terms (using acronyms and abbreviations – e.g. OMG, LOL, BRB)

  1. Are you speaking articulately, with confidence and presenting your best self?

If not, are you interested in exploring our speech modification program? Email at audrey@manncroninpr.com)
ü  Group setting

ü  One-on-one training

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